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MABUHAY EMPLOYMENT AGENCY extends a warm welcome to those families seeking household assistance and to those Foreign Domestic Workers(FDW) seeking employment through our agency.

MABUHAY EMPLOYMENT AGENCY is one of the recognized foreign domestic worker agencies for placements here in Singapore as we do our selection process differently compared with other agencies. Aside from traditional background screenings, employer can request a work history of the FDW's and their medical evaluation before the applicant starts to work with them. Our seamless process allows us to place confidence and trust of every employer and FDW.

MABUHAY EMPLOYMENT AGENCY is an excellent resource for expatriate and local families seeking full time childcare and all around household chores. Our website includes complete profiles of FDW's with references from previous and current employers, thus, prospective employers could actually view their profiles before interviewing the applicants in person.

WHAT CAN WE DO FOR EMPLOYERS & HELPERS? We do provide a quality service and solutions to recruitment of FDW's for employers. We are committed to provide a friendly service to both Employers and FDW's and will always go extra mile to ensure that everyone gets a satisfactory service.

Our reputation speaks for itself as we have served hundreds of satisfied customers  across the country since we started our company.